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Our Mission
Healing Transitions believes that all individuals have the ability
within themselves to reach their full potential. In serving our
clients we honor each individuals experience without giving advice
or judgment. We don’t discriminate by race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and to those who are disabled. We
welcome challenging situations and seek out answers by research, psych education, and supervision of those more qualified.

Our Philosophy
Healing Transitions is dedicated
to serving children and families
who are in need of counseling
services involving parenting
education, play therapy, family
therapy, individual therapy,
relationship strengthening, and
therapeutic visitation. The
services provided are based on
the individual need of each
client and includes emotional
and psychological support. The
focus of our service is building
relationships with individuals
and families. This process of
connection includes an
emphasis on diversity and
acceptance of meeting each
individual and family where they
are in respect to their chosen
path and honoring their current
situation with respect and dignity

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Our practice is growing and we have positions open for Mental Health Professionals in our
Sarasota and Bradenton offices. We offer a wide array of behavioral health services and are
currently seeking dedicated professionals capable of providing counseling to children,
adolescents and adults in our community.    

Dr. Patricia Ann Craven, clinical director of Healing Transitions, is a “Registered Play Therapist”
and a State of Florida approved supervisor for all mental health disciplines as well as play
therapy and provides super
vision towards license for counselors at Healing Transitions.

We are now accepting applications for the following positions:

- Licensed Clinicians
- Masters Level Counselors with 2+ years experience

Dr. Patricia Ann Craven, PhD, LMFT-S, RPT-S
Founder and Clinical Director 

Life can be challenging. My goal is to assist each client to achieve their highest potential. My role may change from being a catalyst for change, to conducting a thorough assessment. Evaluations may assist clients to identify problems that may be interfering with their everyday lives and personal relationships. I utilize my knowledge and education along with many years of experience in counseling in diverse settings and with all age groups. My focus of counseling is to build a safe, trusting relationship with each client with acceptance and without judgment to promote positive change.
I specialize in Experiential, Solution-Focused, and Emotionally-Focused Therapy and conduct couples counseling. I have experience as a family therapist, working with the unique dynamics of each family. I specialize in play therapy and conduct ADHD assessments. I am a trained parenting coordinator and promote co-parenting in high conflict divorce situations.
I am open to all challenging situations. Learning is a lifelong endeavor and each obstacle we may face is an opportunity for growth. 

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