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Each challenge we face is an
opportunity for growth.

Healing Transitions offers a truly unique walk with the therapeutic experience.

Founder and Clinical Director, Dr. Patricia Craven, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist as well as a registered Play Therapist.  She has built a team of professionals with diverse mental health experience and committed to the goal of each individual and family
reaching their full potential. The inclusion of Play Therapy to all target areas of need,
with every population served, offers a presentation of services that stands above the rest.

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Pillow Fight
Playing with Baby
Quality Time Outdoors
Guitarist Mother
Grandmother and Granddaughter
Living Room Pillow Fight
Morning Stroll
Playing in the Playground
Yellow Vest
Father and Son Playing
Mother and Son

Counseling Services

Please call our Office at (941) 888-2081 to learn more about
the services listed below or to schedule an appointment.

Happy Portrait

For individuals

A number of issues may need to be addressed during individual counseling. The method of therapy varies with each client. Although not an eclectic approach, it is an integrative approach depending on individual needs. Brief therapy is utilized with minor problems in times of transition and change. Long term therapy is advised with client who has issues that need additional support. Many techniques that are utilized in therapy include experiential techniques, family of origin issues, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Happy Family

For families

Each family is unique and has its own strengths and weaknesses. Focusing on family strengths provides the family with a foundation to build upon. Families often experience problems during times of transitions such as: new child, new marriage, death of a loved one, or divorce. Families need support and direction to help them heal. Family therapy could include: communication, structure, roles and routines, family time, family meetings, role play, trauma resolution, grief and loss, and medical family therapy.

Couple Hugging

For couples

With the rising divorce rate, couples are facing challenges regarding making decisions that may impact family members. Many couples are also faced with impasses that impede their ability to grow, individually or relationally. Some issues facing couples include: infidelity, communication, financial, parenting, divorce, and roles and positions in the family.

Children's play

"Toys are children's words and play is their language"

– Garry Landreth, The Art of the Relationship

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